In a cup- and final phase matches, which are tied after a regular playing time the winner will be decided by penalty kicks immediately after the final whistle of the match. Penalty kick competition will be executed with 3 players who are on the field during the final whistle. After the shooters, if the penalty kick competition is still tied, the competition will continue one player at a time (have to be different players).

The final ranking of each group will be decided on points. In a case two or more teams being tied on points, the ranking will be decided as follows:
1) Their matches’ (played between the teams) 1) points 2) goal difference 3) scored goals
2) Results of the matches played between the teams
3) The 1) goal difference 2) scored goals the teams have achieved in their own group
4) The matches between the teams
5) drawing a lot

There will be 5 players at a time on the field in F-juniors, 8 players at a time on the field in E-juniors and 8 players at a time on the field in D-juniors per team. In D13 invitation tournament there are 11 players on the field at a time.

Corner kicks in all age groups will be given from the cross point of a goal line and sideline.

Substitutions back and forth (SBF) are allowed in every age group. However, player leaving the field must be outside before another goes in.

Playing fields: Games are played on the grass and artificial grass fields (In case of a heavy rain the grass field games will be played in sand fields).

Size of a game ball: D/E 4, F 3
Playing time: C/D 2×25 min, E 2x20min, F 1×25 min.

Offside is used in D-juniors. Half-offside (offside area = penalty area extended to sidelines) is used in E-juniors. No offside in F-juniors.

In F-juniors, points will not be counted and no tables will be made/published. If your team is at least five (5) goals behind, you can take one extra player to the field until the difference is again two (2) goals. Players need to be at least 5,5meters away from the ball in corner kicks, free kicks, start kicks and goalkeeper throws. Goalkeeper can either throw or kick the ball anywhere inside the penalty area. The ball which is in the game is allowed to kick from hand. A goal scored from the kick off is not valid  and leads to goalkeeper’s throw or kick. In F8-juniors there is a sideline kick to replace the sideline throw, but you cannot score a goal directly from the sideline kick. The defending team must be at least five meters away from the sideline during the kick.

There are no red or yellow cards in E or F juniors. However, if the referee sees a player playing against the rules can he or she tell the coach to take that player away from the field and that player cannot play anymore in that game. The team can take a new player in to replace the player who has been punished.

Protest: A referee must be informed of a protest immediately after the game. Protest and a protest charge (50€) have to be delivered no longer than 30 minutes after the game’s final whistle to the tournament office. The protest will be processed by 3 person’s jury (Kari Uronen / TPS juniorijalkapallo ry, Kimmo Salminen / Turun erotuomarikerho, Jari Paski / teams’ representative) set by the tournament personnel. The protest charge (50€) will be returned if the protest is accepted. The decision of the jury shall be final.

In other cases the tournament follows the rules set by the Finnish Football Association.