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Award ceremony:
Sunday 30.6.2019, at the Aura Cup square, next to Kupittaa 5


at 11:00
D12 (boys 2007)
D13 (boys 2006)


at 13:00

E11 (boys 2008)


at 14:00
TE11/10 (girls 2008-09)
E10 (boys 2009)
C14 (boys 2005)


at 15:00
TD13/12 (girls 2006-07)


We kindly ask all F -juniors (boys and girls, 2010-2011 and younger) to move next to the stage at the Aura Cup square right after their last game on Sunday.

We try to present all information regarding Aura Cup on this web site. In case you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or use the feedback form.